SP500: Trending down @ 1398.  Was Wall Street surprised by the election results?

DDD: Trending down @ $42.83

KORS: Trending down @ $54.72

LULU: Pulling back @ $70.64

The whole market pulled back today.  Watch for entries when these stocks start to return to their trends.  If they do not trend – clear all long-term positions and wait until the market starts to trend again.


SP500: Basing @ 1414

SWI: Basing @ $48.99?

ALXN: Basing @ $96.07

AAPL: Pulling back @ $608.14

LULU: Basing @ $67.71

KORS: Basing @ $54.44

The market seems to have found it’s bottom.  We will see if it holds next week or decides to continue to pull back.  I’m still waiting for a new trend to emerge before I get back into the market.


SP500: Basing @ 1410.

SWI: Pulling back @ $49.02.

ALXN: Basing @ $96.26.

AAPL: Basing @ $608.84.

LULU: Pulling back @ $67.74.

KORS: Pulling back @ $54.13.

This market is still unstable.  I’m going to wait until it establishes a new trend.


SP500: Finding support @ 1412?

SWI: Finding support @ $50.05.

ALXN: Pulling back to $95.86.

AAPL: Finding support @ $618.10.

LULU: Finding support @ $69.23.

KORS: Finding support @ $55.39.

The market appears to be trying to find some support.  We will see where it goes next.


SP500: Breakdown to 1414 through the support line.

SWI: Support @ $49.91?

ALXN: Support @ $101.13?

AAPL: Basing @ $619.62.

LULU: Basing @ $68.83

KORS: Pulling back to $54.75.

I’m glad that I sold all my stocks yesterday.  This market is breaking through support.  I’m going to stay out until it establishes a new trend.


SP500: Breaking down to the risk line @ 1425

SWI: Pulling back to $48.78

ALXN: Sold @ $101.20

AAPL: Sold @ $626.61

LULU: Pulling back to $68.00

KORS: Pulling back to $54.40

Market outlook:  I went fishing on Friday and the market fell apart.  I sold my last two positions for a loss today.

Lesson:  Establish stops on all open positions if you cannot watch the market for a day!